RV_AwningRV awning are a great help in protecting different parts of your motorhome. It is either placed on the window or on the door. A slide out awning is also used to protect the slide out roof from water and debris. It can also be used in the patio to provide shade when you want to stay outdoors.

RV awnings are made out of either acrylic or vinyl. Some has a wrap-around weather guard that is either made out of vinyl or aluminum which protects it when traveling. If the awning has been kept for a long time in storage then you must check it for any stains or mildew. To clean it just use soft brush and mild soap and clean both sides of the awning. Usually, vinyl awnings has mildew. If the stain or mildew is hard to remove then look for commercial stain removers for awnings and follow the instructions carefully.

Another thing to check before going out and using the awning is to check for tears or signs of wear. After cleaning the awning make sure to let both sides dry properly. Also check the awning hardware, make sure that the screws are intact and tightly placed.

The awning rail must also be positioned securely on the side of the RV. When using RV awning during rainy season, make sure to let one end lower than the other so water will not accumulate at the center of the awning which can cause damage.

If there are repairs that needs to be done then have it done immediately before using it or storing it. It is not really that hard to take care of RV awning. Simply washing it and storing it in a dry place and checking for any damages will help you keep your RV awning for a very long time.