RV_BedRecreational vehicles are just like houses the only difference is that it stands on wheels. Though it has all the possible amenities that you need like kitchen, bathroom, living room and of course a bed room. It will not be too comfortable is there will be no place to sleep in except if you can settle for a coach.

But usually, RVs are for the whole family so it will not be complete without bed/s. There are intended beds or mattresses for RVs but it is not really that different from the ones that we have at home. The size of the bed will depend on how small or spacious the RV is.

You can fit a single to queen size mattress in an RV. For sure a queen size bed can fit three persons sleeping comfortable and the others, well they have to settle in the sofa bed and maybe lay some beddings on the floor.

Like any other beds, RV beds must also be taken care of properly so that bugs and any destructive things must be removed. By using a futon cover, it will seal off your mattress perfectly. So in case you eat in bed, any spillage or food particles will not get into the mattress, you can just easily wipe it off.

Also, put the beddings or blankets aside when you are not using them to keep it off from dusts and animal hair in case you have pet/s inside the RV. Futon covers are inexpensive but can do a lot to keep your RV beds in great shape.