RV refrigerators are made to be efficient but along the way, there are things that the owner does that makes it less efficient. There are certain things that you can do so it can perform at its optimum level.

First, the RV must be properly leveled so the refrigerator can also perform efficiently. An refrigerator that is operating in an unlevel surface will incur permanent damage overtime.

A refrigerator takes 4 to 6 hours before it cools down. So when you are planning on a trip then turn on the refrigerator a day before you leave and before putting any food in it. The food that will be placed on the RV refrigerator must already be cold and must be frozen when placed in the freezer. This will take the refrigerator a little less time to cool the foods. Do not also overload the refrigerator, there should be enough space so the air can circulate.

To help more in air circulation there are battery operated refrigerator fan that can be bought from hardware stores. Just place the fan in the refrigerator compartment and this will lessen the cool time by 50%. This will force the warm air out from the refrigerator and cool air will dominate the space.

Another factor that affects the performance of your RV refrigerator is the weather. When the weather is cold then turn down the temperature setting of the refrigerator. Cold weather helps cool down the refrigerator easily. If the weather is too hot make sure the RV is parked in an area where the refrigerator part is covered under a shade.

Check all the parts of the refrigerator. Make sure that the its door closes and seals properly, you can do this by placing a piece of paper in the door. The paper must not drop, this ensures that the refrigerator is sealed tight. Check also the back of the refrigerator, make sure to clean out dust, dirt and other things that can affect its efficiency.