RV_Water_TankRV water tanks are quite similar to the ones that we have at home. It needs to have a source of potable water supplied to it. Then the water source will supply the bathroom, kitchen, garden house and other water outlets in the entire house. Then the water used goes through a septic tank buried underground or through the city sewer system.

On RVs, it has two different water tanks, one used to store waste from showers and sinks and the other for wastes that comes from the toilet. This has a limited capacity so a monitor will tell you if the tanks must be emptied. There are designated places where you can properly empty the RV tanks, you do not just stop at the side of the road and empty it there. You will get in a lot of trouble if you do this.

When you are in a campground, there is usually a water source where you can hook up to so you can supply fresh water to the entire RV. Just hook up a hose from the water source to the water inlet of the RV.

When you are not going to use the RV for quite sometime then you must drain all the water from the tanks. Do not drain when the heater is hot or under pressure. If you forget to drain the water system you will end up having a stale odor the next time you use it. When this happens, you just need to sanitize the water tanks and everything will be back to normal.

Water supply is important when traveling so make sure that you check your RV water tanks before leaving. It is better to check it weeks before the travel so you will not have any delays once departure is set.